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              2. Shanghai Laboratory Instrument Works Co., Ltd.

                Model GN020 High Temp. Viscosity Determination Instrument


                  Model GN020 High Temp. Viscosity Determination Instrument is mainly suitable for determinating high temp. Kinematic viscosity of liquid petrochemical industry products, using both oil and water as its heating medium. It can be controlled precisely at any temp. Point between 50?C~230?C overcoming limitations of original home products which can only be carried out determination below 100?C.
                  It can be in accordance with test methods and standards of GB/T265, ISO3104, ASTMD445, IP71 to determinate viscosity of petrochemical industry products, suitable for use in factories and enterprises of petrochemical industry trade and laboratories of scientific research institutes and universities. Etc.


                Main Technical Data



                Max working temp


                Temp fluctuation

                at 206ْC≤±0.1ْC

                Power voltage

                AC220V 50Hz 1-phase

                Heating Power


                Working chamber dimensions


                Overall dimensions (D×W×H)

                380×360×660 mm

                Gross weight


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